This is the Year to Read

While many people are still mulling over New Year Resolutions, or maybe forgetting the ones they made on January 1, I would encourage you to put reading at the top of the resolution list.  Making reading a part of your family’s daily habits has lasting benefits.  There are several reading programs for all ages hosted throughout the year at the public library to encourage reading with tracking books, offering suggestions, and earning prizes.  The Stillwater Public Library is here to help you make 2017 “one for the books.”

Currently the Winter Reading Program is in progress and it is not too late to get started. The Children’s program is focused on daily reading as a habit and offers prizes for every 5 days of reading with a free book at 20 days of reading.  The Teen program has thrown down the challenge in “Monograph Madness” to see who can be the MVB (most voracious bookworm). Adults are getting into the action by participating in the “Dewey Decathlon” were they earn prizes by reading and competing challenges related to the Dewey Decimal sections.   

For our youngest readers, parents and caregivers may sign up for 1000 Books Before Kindergarten program.  This ongoing program establishes the importance of reading to children early especially as reading encourages valuable school readiness skills. By reading just one book a night, families can reach the 1,000-book goal in three years and provide their children essential early literacy skills.

While it may be cold now, we are already getting excited for our always popular Summer Reading Program. One exciting new additional will be the increase number of evening programs. Look for more information about Summer Reading in May.

One way to help make reading a part of your daily routine is to schedule a weekly or bi-weekly library day.  Having a consistent library day provides the structure for a child to know they will be able to pick out books to read and how long they will be able to read them at home before they need to be returned.  This also helps parents make sure that all library books are returned on time. The library also has many weekly programs to coordinate with your library such as Storytime, STEAM, and Builders Club.

Even if you choose not to make New Year Resolutions, I encourage you to consider developing a daily reading habit for yourself and your child.  Plus a source of free books ties into those other New Year Resolutions you may have made.