Tai Chi @ the Library

The Stillwater Public Library offered Tai Chi as part of its five month 2017 Simple Steps to Better Health program . By popular demand, the library continues to offer the following opportunities:

Weekly Tai Chi

A weekly Tai Chi class is taught by Danielle Shreve. To qualify for this class, participants must have either completed six full weeks of Tai Chi during the Simple Step program or they must fully complete the Beginner Series, described below.

Beginner Series

Lisa O'Donnell will teach a six week Tai Chi series each semester. Upon completion of the series, participants may then progress to the weekly class, if space is available.

Each semester, the Beginner Series will focus on one of the health benefits of Tai Chi, for example, stress reduction.

The Beginner Series includes:

  • Instruction on the 8 basic moves used in the library's Tai Chi classes
  • Instruction on the selected health benefit through Ted Talks and other material
  • Weekly goal making related to the health benefit
  • Group discussion on goal progress

Tai Chi Method

The library uses the Tai Chi instruction provided by the Oklahoma Department of Health's "Tai Chi for Better Balance" program.

The eight basic movements include:

STEP 1 - Hold the Ball - exercise card 

STEP 2 - Part the Wild Horse's Mane - exercise card 

STEP 3 - Single Whip - exercise card 

STEP 4 - Wave Hands Like Clouds - exercise card 

STEP 5 - Repulse the Monkey - exercise card 

STEP 6 - Brush Knee - exercise card 

STEP 7 - Fair Lady Works at Shuttles - exercise card 

STEP 8 - Grasp the Peacock's Tail - exercise card 


Instruction from OK Healthy Aging Initiative

Instruction with more dance-like movements

Seated Tai Chi

More information:

For information about upcoming Tai Chi opportunities, email askalibrarian@stillwater.org.