Tai Chi @ the Library

The Stillwater Public Library offered Tai Chi as part of its five-month 2017 Simple Steps to Better Health program. By popular demand, the library continues to offer opportunities to learn and practice Tai Chi.

Walking Tai Chi (Tuesdays in November, 12:30 pm)

Walking Tai Chi includes slow deliberate movement that will strengthen core muscles and improve your overall Tai Chi stance. This 30-minute class takes place outdoors at the Stillwater Public Library Courtyard Tuesdays from 12:30 - 1 pm during the month of November.  Participants will be lent headsets so that they may hear and communicate with the instructor while practicing social distancing. Registration is closed, please call (405) 372-3633 x8106 or email askalibrarian@stillwater.org for more information.

Practice Tai Chi from Home

Watch recorded sessions with our librarian Tai Chi instructors and practice from the safety and comfort of your own home.

Follow along with Brenna

Follow along with Danielle

Tai Chi Method

The library uses the Tai Chi instruction provided by the Oklahoma Department of Health's "Tai Chi for Better Balance" program.

The eight basic movements include:

STEP 1 - Hold the Ball - exercise card 

STEP 2 - Part the Wild Horse's Mane - exercise card 

STEP 3 - Single Whip - exercise card 

STEP 4 - Wave Hands Like Clouds - exercise card 

STEP 5 - Repulse the Monkey - exercise card 

STEP 6 - Brush Knee - exercise card 

STEP 7 - Fair Lady Works at Shuttles - exercise card 

STEP 8 - Grasp the Peacock's Tail - exercise card 

Online Resources

Instruction from OK Healthy Aging Initiative

Instruction with more dance-like movements

Seated Tai Chi

Electronic Resources

Books and videos from OK virtual library

Books and videos at the Stillwater Public Library

Tai Chi by Robert Parry 613.7 PAR

The Essence of Tai Chi by Waysun Liao 613.714 LIA

The Harvard Medical School Guide0 to Tai Chi:12 Weeks to a Healthy Body, Strong Heart, and Sharp Mind by Peter M. Wayne 613.7148 

Discover Tai Chi with Scott Cole [videorecording] DVD 613.7 DIS

Tai Chi: Moving for Better Balance [videorecording] DVD 613.7148

More information:

For information about upcoming Tai Chi opportunities, email askalibrarian@stillwater.org.