LexiCon 2018 Panels & Classes

dustin murphy    “Blast Away the Game Review” Presents 2018-19's Most Anticipated Releases

12:30 pm - Room 202

A discussion of upcoming releases

Dustin Murphy of “Blast Away the Game Review” will be discussing and previewing trailers and gameplay footage of some of 2018 and 2019's most anticipated games. 

Cosplay 101  

1 pm - 3rd Floor

How to Start Crafting Your Own Costumes and Cosplays
  Ever wanted to start cosplaying? Or looking to learn new tips and tricks of the trade? Then this panel is for you! We will be discussing the basics of cosplay and how you can begin to craft your own costumes. We will discuss the basics of sewing and armor making, as well as proper care for costumes. We will also move into a few more advanced techniques, such as drafting patterns and LEDs.
Dreams of Disney

12 pm - 3rd Floor

Disney characters discuss connections, movies, and more with audience.   
  Come join some of your childhood Disney characters as they discuss all things Disney! There will be talks of movie connections, favorite songs, feelings on MCU and Star Wars joining the franchise, and more. There will be photo opportunities afterwards alongside some very fun Q&A! Accompany us as we spread joy throughout Lexicon; you won’t want to miss it! 
eric smith   The Final Form: Beyond Divine and Unholy Transformations

10:30 am - 3rd Floor

An analysis of strange transformations in modern media.

Ever wonder why the final boss takes on the form of an angel? Or why everyone and their dog seems to be able to transform into a demon these days? From video games to anime, this panel will introduce and break down the elements behind divine and unholy transformations. Presented by veteran panel lecturers Eric Smith and Bryan Loftis, come delve into the philosophy of both the fearful and the righteous as they analyze what it means to truly no longer be human. Ask questions and get involved as they show you what it's like to go even further beyond!
heroes in training   Heroes in Training

2 pm - 3rd Floor

A hero academia group!

The U.A students are here to protect LexiCon. Come join the hero’s in training and a mystery Pro hero for a fun time. You won’t regret it! 

 Jeff Provine   A Quick History of Comics with Special Guest Jeff Provine

1:30 pm - Auditorium

Defining comics as pictorial storytelling means it is actually about the oldest medium ever. We'll trace the history of comics from cave paintings to hieroglyphs to tapestries to political cartoons, graphic novels, and web comics.

Last year, Jeff joined with local artists to found Okie Comics Magazine, a quarterly anthology of comics. In addition to local folklore and comics, Jeff’s science fiction and fantasy has been published in numerous anthologies and in long form with YA Dawn on the Infinity, Steampunk Celestial Voyages, and alternate-history-horror Hellfire. Jeff lives in Norman with his wife and their houseful of zany animals.

 wally headshot   Life in the Fast Lane: A Crash Course on the Fastest Man Alive

11:30 am - Room 202

A brief history and breakdown of the Flash family!

Have you often pondered who truly is the fastest man alive? Ever wonder how they got their powers and where they came from? Well my friends, I'm here to tell you who is the fastest soul on the planet and it's not Usain Bolt.

♥Craft: the Cthulhu Mythos in Popular Culture

1:30 pm - Room 202

An "elder god" awakens and infiltrates contemporary pop culture.
  Overlooked in his day but now regarded as one of the most significant horror authors of the 20th century, Howard Phillips Lovecraft created a world populated by unspeakably evil beings. Today, his most recognizable creation, Cthulhu, can be found everywhere from television to cake decorating.
Marvel: a character Q&A

10 am - Room 202

Your favorite Marvel characters on one panel!

  Your favorite Marvel characters have come together to answer your questions, have a discussion, or just have fun!!
Paranormal Oklahoma with Special Guest Jeff Provine

10:30 am - Auditorium
  Although Oklahoma is relatively newly settled, it is packed with folklore and ghost stories. Come hear a few tales while Jeff Provine discusses how he researches and collects these bits of Oklahoma culture out of the shadows.

Jeff loves a spooky story and a good comic book. He leads ghost tours at the University of Oklahoma, Norman, and in downtown Oklahoma City. His stories of Oklahoma ghosts are collected in Haunted Guthrie, Haunted Norman, Campus Ghosts of Norman, and Haunted Oklahoma City.

Kerry Joels   Science and Science Fiction: A Push-Pull Relationship! With Special Guest Dr. Kerry Joels

12:30 pm - Auditorium

Sometimes, developing science inspires science fiction creators to imagine what the outcomes of new technology might be. Other times, Science Fiction ideas precede and anticipate actual technological development, inspiring new and exciting advancements in real science!  There is no better example of this push-pull relationship, than in space exploration.

Dr. Joels’ professional experience includes creative and leadership positions with NASA, the National Air and Space Museum, Smithsonian Institution, the White House Young Astronaut Program as Director of Curriculum, and the Challenger Center for Space Science Education. He was a founder of Total Learning Research Institute directing the SPACE EXPLORERS Space Shuttle and Mars Simulator program and the MARS CITY STEM Challenge effort. He served on the White House Space Exploration Initiative for Moon/Mars mission planning.

He has been a speaker at Star Trek conventions and has had longstanding friendships with Trek and SF stars and writers. He worked with SF writers on the future of the Air Force, and is a speaker on future space programs. He is the co-author of the Space Shuttle Operator’s Manual and author of the Mars One Crew Manual. He was a script advisor to the James Bond “Moonraker” film and other Hollywood projects.

TriPoint Sparring Association’s Weapon Theory

2:30 pm - Room 202

Usable prop weapon designs explained

  Interested in live action role-playing? How about advanced cosplay with props? Our engineers will go over their designs on how to simple foam into usable weapons for fun or cosplay!