Oklahoma fantasy author Connie Suttle visits Stillwater Writers at the library June 20

stw writers june  small(STILLWATER, OKLA. / June 3, 2015) –– The Stillwater Writers and Stillwater Public Library are sponsoring a program featuring Oklahoma author Connie Suttle on Saturday, June 20, at 1 p.m. Suttle, who writes in the areas of urban fantasy, science fiction and paranormal mystery, is the author of 36 novels.

“Connie is writing for young adult and adult readers in genres that are becoming more and more popular,” said Judith Sexton, Stillwater Writers president. “She will be a great inspiration for the young writers who are entering these genres.”

Suttle, a native Oklahoman, spent years doing everything from working as a janitor and waitress to being a Masters student in film production and animation and teacher, before settling down to write. It took a near-catastrophe to get her to actually put pen to paper. After a surgery left her husband in a coma for two months, Suttle began writing to pass the time as she stayed by his bedside. Her writing grew into a passionate labor of love.

In a very short period of time, Suttle had completed six series with a cast of characters that include vampires, werewolves, shape shifters, aliens and the occasional everyday human.

“Sit down and write!” advises Suttle. “Write for yourself. You’re your own worst critic, and if you like what you write, chances are others will, too.”

Readers definitely like what Suttle is writing. Her books have made the top of the charts in their genres on Amazon.com multiple times. Total sales since she started publishing in June 2011 have exceeded 385,000 and her Facebook page has over 15,000 likes. Suttle’s first book, “Blood Wager,” is still a best seller and has been on Amazon’s featured book list several times.

At the Stillwater Writers program, Suttle will share some of the advice that has made her own writing career a success. She will discuss her writing experiences, including where she finds inspiration, how she organizes her time and work and how she markets her novels. 

After the program, copies of Suttle’s books will be available for purchase by cash or credit card. Titles are $10 for one book and $5 for each additional book.

Suttle’s program is free and open to the public. The first 30 participants will receive a gift bag with promotional items from Suttle’s books. Both young and older writers, as well as fans of urban fantasy, science fiction and paranormal mystery are encouraged to attend.

For more information, contact the library at 405-372-3633 x106 or askalibrarian@stillwater.org.

The Stillwater Public Library is located at 1107 S. Duck St. (the corner of Duck and 12th Ave.).  Visit the library online at http://library.stillwater.org.