New Sci Fi film series travels through time

There’s a new series of science fiction films on tap at the Stillwater Public Library. Starting on February 1st at 6:30 pm and continuing on the first Wednesday evening of each month, science fiction film enthusiasts can come watch and discuss movies featuring time travel.

“We’ve been showing science fiction films at the library for over two years now,” said librarian Paula Long, “But we’ve never had a chance to focus specifically on adventures that jump around through time. Now that we’ll be ‘Traveling Through Time,’ we’ll have an opportunity to look at how the concept of time travel has been addressed in film throughout the years.”

Though previous sci-fi film series have shown movies in chronological order, this grouping will honor the spirit of the theme by mixing up time and showing the most recent movie first. The series will works its way back through time until reaching the original time traveling classic based on the 1895 H. G. Wells novel.  

The Sci Fi film series is free and open to the public. Participants under 18 must be acciompanied by an adult during R-Rated films.