Oct. 6, 2013 New Booklist


004.167          The Unauthorized Guide to iPhone, iPad, and iPod Repair, by Timothy L. Warner.

004.68            Wireless Networking, by Michael Miller.

006.454          Dragon Naturally Speaking for Dummies, by Stephanie Diamond.

158.1              The Wish, by Angela Donovan.

158.1              Emotional First Aid, by Guy Winch.

158.2              The Distraction Addiction, by Alex Soojung-Kim Pang.

179.9              Gratitude Works! by Robert A. Emmons.

200.9748        Down in the Chapel, by Joshua Dubler.

294.3              Living Beautifully with Uncertainty and Change, by Pema Chodron.

306.7082        What Do Women Want? by Daniel Bergner.

322.4              Wrapped in the Flag, by Claire Conner.

355.345          Military Mental Health Care, by Cheryl Lawhorne-Scott.

362.73            To the End of June, by Cris Beam.

364.15            Shot All to Hell, by Mark L. Gardner.

510                Thinking in Numbers, by Daniel Tammet.

551.56            The End of Night, by Paul Bogard.

616.99            Catching Cancer, by Claudia Maria Cornwall.

641.59            Recipes from My Home Kitchen, by Christine Ha.

650.142          How to Write Better Resumes and Cover Letters, by Pat Criscito.

658.4              Creative Intelligence, by Bruce Nussbaum.

792.7              Behind the Burly Q, by Leslie Harter Zemeckis.

796.1              Fantasy Life, by Matthew Berry.

797.3              The World in the Curl, by Peter Westwick.

808.3              Dialogue, by Gloria Kempton.

808.3              Characters, Emotion & Viewpoint, by Nancy Kress.

808.3              Description & Setting, by Ron Rozelle.

973.6              Ecstatic Nation, by Brenda Wineapple.

B/Mon            Twitch Upon a Star, by Herbie J. Pilato.


Babayaga, by Toby Barlow.

Archangel, by Andrea Barrett.

Save Yourself, by Kelly Braffet.

Sea Creatures, by Susanna Daniel.

The Virgins, by Pamela Erens.

Dark Lycan, by Christine Feehan.

Songs of Willow Frost, by Jamie Ford.

Burial Rites, by Hannah Kent.

Styxx, by Sherrilyn Kenyon.

Someone, by McDermott.

Who Asked You? by Terry McMillan.

Archipelago, by Monique Roffey.

Under a Graveyard Sky, by Erica Spindler.

Deceived, by Randy Wayne White.

The Maid’s Version, by Daniel Woodrell.


The Darling Dahlias and the Texas Star, by Susan Wittig Albert.

Robert B. Parker’s Damned If You Do, by Michael Brandman.

Eva’s Eye, by Karin Fossum.

W Is for Wasted, by Sue Grafton.

Second Watch, by Judith Jance.


The Third Kingdom, by Terry Goodkind.

Under a Graveyard Sky, by John Ringo.


LP                  A Texan’s Honor, by Shelley Shepard Gray.

LP                  Hunting Eve, by Iris Hunting.

LP                  Summer Days, by Susan Mallery.

LP                  Miss Julia to the Rescue, by Ann B. Ross.

LP                  Just Down the Road, by Jodi Thomas.


Elegy, by Amanda Hocking.

Dancer, Daughter, Traitor, Spy, by Elizabeth Kiem.

The Shade of the Moon, by Susan Beth Pfeffer.

Earthbound, by Aprilynne Pike.

Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock, by Matthew Quick.

My Totally Awkward Supernatural Crush, by Laura Toffler-Corrie.

Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, by April Genevieve Tucholke.


E                    Kumak’s River, by Michael Bania.

E                    Not Your Typical Dragon, by Dan Bar-el.

E                    Little Devils, by Robert J. Blake.

E                    Llama Llama and the Bully Goat, by Anna Dewdney.

E                    12 Princess Stories, by Disney.

E                    How to Bicycle to the Moon to Plant Sunflowers, by Mordicai Gerstein.

E                    Again! by Emily Gravett.

E                    Far Flutterby, by Karen Kingsbury.

E                    Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons, by Eric Litwin.

E                    The Happy Owls, by Celestino Piatti.

E                    Everyone Can Learn to Ride a Bicycle, by Christopher Raschka.

E                    All Through My Town, by Jean Reidy.

E                    Bear and Bee, by Sergio Ruzzier.

E                    Uh-Oh, Dodo! by Jennifer Gordon Sattler.

ER                 Katy Duck and the Tip-Top Tap Shoes, by Alyssa Satin Capucilli.

ER                 Monkey & Robot, by Peter Catalanotto.

J/363.91         The Threat of Overpopulation, by Valerie Bodden.

J/560.172       Sea Creatures Crawl on Land, by Dougal Dixon.

J/595.44         Stronger Than Steel, by Bridget Heos.

J/597.89         The Mystery of Darwin’s Frog, by Martha Crump.

J/598.072       Look Up! by Annette Cate.

J/599.757       Lions, by Jennifer Zeiger.

J/599.789       Pandas, by Jennifer Zeiger.

J/688.725       LEGO Play Book: Ideas to Bring Your Bricks to Life, by Daniel Lipkowitz.

J/947              Russia, by Nelson Yomtov.

J/973.931       America Is Under Attack, by Don Brown.

J                     Violet Mackerel’s Brilliant Plot, by Anna Branford.

J                     Violet Mackerel’s Remarkable Recovery, by Anna Branford.

J                     Obi, Gerbil on a Mission! by M.C. Delaney.

J                     The Cats of Tanglewood Forest, by Charles DeLint.

J                     Caroline Takes a Chance, 1812, by Kathleen Ernst.

J                     Caroline’s Secret Message, by Kathleen Ernst.

J                     Changes for Caroline, by Kathleen Ernst.

J                     The Book of Wonders, by Jasmine Richards.

J                     Secrets of Deltora, by Emily Rodda.

J                     Nanny Piggins and the Wicked Plan, by R.A. Spratt.

J                     Frogged, by Vivian Vande Velde.   

J/M                The Return of Abracadabra, by Michael Dahl.

J/M                The Frog Who Croaked, by Jarrett Krosoczka.


My Brief History, by Stephen Hawking.

Kiss the Girls, by James Patterson.