Local History & Special Collections

The library collects local history materials at a research level.  Our collection includes some duplicate items that are available for check out, but the bulk of the collection is available for research inside the library. 


The collection includes the following materials:

Special Collections

General Stillwater History

  • Stillwater High School annuals (nearly complete)
  • OSU Redskin annuals (nearly complete)
  • Stillwater City Directories (1910, 1922, 1928, various editions for 1930-1945, nearly complete after 1945)
  • Stillwater Telephone Directories
  • OSU Campus Directories
  • Archives for Lions Club
  • Archives for Rotary Club
  • Archives for Stillwater Woman's Club
  • 1905 Payne County Atlas
  • 1898 to 1908 County Agricultural Census
  • Clarence Bassler Newspaper Scrapbooks
  • Newspapers on microflm for Stillwater, Perkins, Cushing, Yale and Glencoe
  • Stillwater Church histories

Contributing to the Special Collections

The library gratefully accepts additions to our archives.  Please contact Stacy DeLano to discuss local materials that might fit in our collection.

Learn about Stillwater

If you are interested in learning about the history of Stillwater, we recommend reading the following titles:

  • 976.634 NEW - Stillwater: a cradle of Oklahoma history by D. Earl Newsom
  • 976.6 CUN - Stillwater, where Oklahoma began by Robert Cunningham
  • 976.6 CUN - Stillwater through the years by Robert Cunningham
  • 976.6 CHA - The founding of Stillwater, a case study in Oklahoma history by Berlin Chapman

You can also take a self-guided walking tour with our Downtown Stillwater Walking Guide.

Resources for further Information:

Websites for local history: