Local Authors

The library supports local writers in the Stillwater and Payne County area and those connected to OSU. We encourage you to READ Local and support our writing community.



Cynthia Barnes

Cynthia was raised in Yale and graduated from Stillwater High School and OSU. Her book takes place in Yale.

 donita baze


Donita Baze

Donita has lived in Stillwater over 25 years.






Dawn Behrens


Dawn Behrens

Dawn lives in Stillwater and works at OSU.





 art bieri


Art Bieri

Art has lived in Stillwater since 1955.

  • Action Games
  • Squirrel's Dilemma





 judith billings


Judith Billings

Judith lives in Stillwater.

  • Growing Up Scared






mac boyle


Mac Boyle

Mac was a long-time Stillwater resident and wrote his first novel in Stillwater. "Right" is heavily based on Stillwater and its surrounding area.







Judith Carruth

Judith lives in Stillwater and writes under the pseudonym J. Midgley.

  • Paradise Love by J. Midgley
  • The Verdict: Law and Love by J. Midgley

m scott carter


M. Scott Carter

Scott was raised in Yale, graduated from OSU and is a form NewsPress photographer.





 fred causley sr


Fred Causley, Sr.

Fred graduated from OSU and is a Stillwater business owner.






 carla chlouber


Carla Chlouber (1939 - 2011)

Carla and her husband Dale founded the Washingtom Irving Trail Museum.

  • Oklahoma Cowboy Band






 walt cross


Walt Cross

Walt has lived in the area since 1979 and is a Cushing and OSU graduate.




 lynnette erwin


Lynette Erwin

Lynette is a Stillwater native and lives here.

  • So Faithful a Heart: the Love Story of Nancy Storace & Wolfgang Mozart
  • When Love Won't Die 





 Jeffrey KM Fortney


Jeff & K.M. Fortney

This father-son team live in Stillwater.

  • Foothold on Terra-Bravo






debra higgins


Debra Higgins

Debra has lived in Stillwater since 1979.

  • Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock







tim jessell


Tim Jessell

Tim lives in Stillwater.








Vera Long

Vera is a longtime Stillwater resident.

  • Vera the Factory Poet
 assunta martin


Assunta Martin

Assunta teaches at OSU's English Language Institute.

  • Notes from a Farmer






 melanie moffitt


Melanie Moffitt

Melanie lives in Stillwater and graduated from OSU.





peter rollins


Peter Rollins

Peter is a retired OSU professor who lives in Stillwater.

  • Columbia Companion to American History on Film
  • Hollywood's White House
  • The West Wing
  • Hollywood as Historian
  • America Reflected: Language, Satire, Film, and the American Mind
  • http://www.petercrollins.com



jewel sample


Jewel Sample

Jewel is an OSU graduate and lives in Stillwater.






barbara shepherd


Barbara Shepherd

Barbara was raised in Yale and graduated from Yale High School.

  • Patchwork Skin
  • Imagination Turned Loose
  • A Centennial Celebration of Oklahoma Stories





 fred staff


Fred Staff

Fred was an OSU student.

  • Bass Reeves, Lawman
  • Young Bass Reeves






sk waller


S.K. Waller

S.K. has lived in Stillwater since 2000.






mary jane warde


Mary Jane Warde

Mary Jane has lived in Stillwater over forty years.

  • When the Wolf Came: the Civil War & the Indian Nation
  • George WAshington Grayson & the Creek Nation, 1843-1920