Library Improved Businesses

LIBwebBusinesses in the Stillwater area are invited to become certified as an L.I.B. or Library Improved Business.

L.I.B.s are those which:

  • Are dedicated to life-long learning and encourage their employees to continue learning
  • Support literacy
  • Act as a community partner in supporting access to information for community members

The library recognizes that community members spend most of their time with work and family obligations. It can be difficult to find time to visit the library.

However, reading is an essential way to learn or update skills and it is significant stress reliever (reducing stress 68% in just 6 minutes!). Library staff want to make sure that employees in Stillwater have what they need to read--a library card!

To do that, library staff will partner with area businesses to go out to workplaces and sign-up employees for library cards. With the card, your employees can use the library at home, even if they cannot make it into the library. From our webpage, cardholders can:

  • Download over 20,000 ebooks
  • Download over 5,000 audios
  • Read over 200 full page, glossy magazine titles
  • Use Pronunciator, which teaches 80 different languanges
  • Use the Auto Repair Reference Center for car diagrams and repair instructions
  • Access thousands of scholarly and industry specific journals
  • Interact with librarians to get reference questions answered
  • Access a wealth of credible, librarian-approved websites

L.I.B.s will be listed on this webpage, be listed inside the library, and will receive an L.I.B. sticker or web graphic.

To become an L.I.B., contact Stacy DeLano by email or at (405) 372-3633 x8124. We will arrange a visit to your business to sign-up employees for library cards and provide information about our services.

Library Improved Businesses:


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