Library celebrates their Friends Oct. 16-22

FOL Week xThirty five years ago, the Friends of the Stillwater Public Library had their first used book sale, and they have been sweating and toiling every year since to make sure that our community has everything its library needs. This week, we join together to celebrate our Friends along with other libraries across the nation who are celebrating “Friends of the Library Week” Oct. 16-22. I am pretty sure, though, that our Friends are the very best in the nation.

Twice a year, the Friends hold giant used books sales. The work involved requires hours and hours of labor all year long. Each week, the Friends haul, move, sort, categorize, inspect, and box hundreds of books donated by the community along with ones removed from our collection. They spend an intense several weeks preparing for the sales, and it takes a ton of Friends to pull off each event.

The results of their efforts can be seen throughout the library: huge numbers of books, digital resources, pieces of equipment and furniture, training for librarians, all of our programming and so much more. If you come into the library this week, you’ll see everything their hard works has given us marked with a bright pink sign. It is amazing how much they contribute and what we wouldn’t have if not for our Friends. Here are just a few of their recent contributions:

  • Wandoo, the summer reading program tracker
  • Library Thing for Libraries, the service that lets us see reviews and images in our catalog
  • Public computers
  • The notary service
  • A large portion of our eBooks
  • All of the book club kits we purchase
  • The Great Gatsby/Fire in Beulah series
  • Book with CDs for adults with developmental disabilities who are beginning readers
  • ALL adult, teen, and children’s summer AND year round programming

Personally, I know without a doubt that there is no way I could do my job if it weren’t for the support of the Friends.

So this week, please take the time to say “thanks” to the Friends you know and to the people you see in the library always wheeling around beige carts overflowing with books. Better yet, why not become a Friend yourself and let us give you some love too! Friends memberships are $10 per year, or you can get a lifetime membership for just $100. Joining is easy-just pick up a Friends envelope at the Checkout Desk.

The big benefit of being a Friend is getting into the Thursday preview at the fall and spring book sales. You can also sign up to help sort books throughout the year and help at the book sales. But---the real benefit is knowing you are helping provide free access to information and reading resources for your entire community. Thank you Friends!