LexiCon 2016 (Free)

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LexiCon 2016 has concluded, but watch this page for LexiCon 2017

Stillwater Public Library and Stillwater Multi Arts Center

Saturday, August 27, 2016 

10:00 AM to 6:00 PM

LexiCon 2016 is a FREE comic-con and fandom event intended to draw together community members who share similar interests and to provide library materials to those who enjoy pop culture. It features vendors, panels, cosplay, and gameplay, and displays for fans of comics, gaming, sci-fi or fantasy TV shows, movies and books, graphic novels, and anime.

  • Cosplay Costume Contest: Come to LexiCon dressed as your favorite character or in the spirit of your favorite genre and show off your best cosplay attire. The contest is for participants of all ages with separate categories and prizes for children, teens, and adults. Additionally, an overall grand prize winner will be awarded two tickets to Wizard World's Tulsa Comic Con. (Groups are welcome, and will be judged in the age category of the oldest member of the group.)
  • Fan Art Contest: NEW this year! Show your artistic side! Draw or paint your favorite character or scene from a comic book, graphic novel, sci-fi book, or show. Artwork (no larger than 11” x 17” on unlined paper) should be turned in to the Stillwater Multi Arts Center starting on August 12th and no later than August 19th, 2016 at 5:00 PM. Details and entry forms are available at the Multi Arts Center and Stillwater Public Library.
  • Childrens Crafts & Activities: Crafts and activities for kids of all ages will be in the Multi Arts building to the NE of the library. Activities include making a Harry Potter wand or sorting hat, writing with Dwarvish runes, creating a Pokeball, or designing a superhero bracelet.
  • Table-top Gaming Room: Knight Arms of Stillwater will be running table-top game room at LexiCon. Games will include: Magic the Gathering, Takenoko, T.I.M.E. Stories, D.C. Comics Deck-Building Game Rivals Batman vs. Joker, Pandemic, King of New York, and Ticket to Ride. Everyone is invited to play regardless of previous experience.
  • Panels: Here’s your chance to learn from the experts. You can listen to discussions of who was killed off in the last episode of the Walking Dead, learn more about Live Action Role Play (LARP) in Stillwater, Indie Film production, and fabricating props for your cosplay. There will also be presentations on creating cosplay costumes and what to look for before making online purchases. You’ll be able to get insights into using Fallout 4 mods, and ask questions of an online, livestream gamer.
  • Workshops and Demonstrations: The Multi Arts Center will be bustling with artists willing to pass along tips and tricks. You can participate in a character drawing workshop, learn to use a moldable plastic called InstaMorph, find out more about how cosplayers use EVA foam, craft foam, and Worbla to make costume pieces and props, and try your hand at drawing caricatures.
  • Photo Ops: Pose for a picture with a favorite character from medieval times, the Star Wars universe, or Doctor Who. Members from cosplay  groups in Oklahoma City and Tulsa will be at LexiCon to take pictures with fans, talk about what it’s like to be in a cosplay group, and how interested individuals can get involved.
  • Food Trucks: Want something great to eat? Stop by one of the food trucks at LexiCon to buy yourself lunch or just a snack. You can choose from a sandwich from The Great Panini, a tasty Asian treat from Kim’s Vietnamese Cuisine, something spicy from Macarena's Street Café, or an icy-cold snack from Cowboy Corner Shaved Ice.


Artist Alley: Come see over 30 artists, authors, and vendors with fandom-related merchandise. Meet comic creators and get their autographs, purchase original artwork created by artists from across the region, and check out a wide selection of collectables related to your favorite comics, books, and shows.

Artists and Authors




Thanks to many generous donations, there will be some fabulous prizes to be won at LexiCon. Everyone who attends will be entered. Attend panels and workshops or participate in other activities at LexiCon to receive additional entries. Among the prizes to be won are:

  • Tickets to Tulsa Con! Thanks to Wizard World's donation, we'll be giving away a pair of tickets to TulsaCon to be held in October.
  • 3-Day passes to Izumicon! The Izumicon organization has donated a pair of 3-day passes to Izumicon in Oklahoma City, January 6-8, 2017.
  • Weekend passes to Otaku Matsuri Oklahoma! Otaku Matsuri Oklahoma has generously donated two full weekend badges for their convention, to be held in January 2017 in Norman.
  • Tickets to the Cosplay Prom! Thanks to a generous donation from Cosplay Celebration Inc., we'll be giving away two tickets to the Cosplay Prom and
  • Two tickets to  Fan Haven Marketplace!


10:00 am

  • Vendors and artists open for the day (2nd and 3rd floor of library)
  • Food Trucks open for business (parking lot between library and Multi Arts Center)
  • Crafts begin at Multi Arts Center
  • Registration begins for Cosplay Costume Contest (Library 1st floor hall)

10:30 am

  • Live Action Role Play in Stillwater: Join local LARP enthusiasts and learn more about what’s going on in Stillwater and how you can get involved. (Library room 119)
  • Fallout 4: Using Mods: Gaming experts from OKgamers.com walk you through the video game Fallout 4 demonstrating the fun and value of using mods. (Library room 202)
  • Table Top Gaming room opens (Library room 313)
  • Fan Art Contest Awards: Check out the Fan Art Gallery and congratulate the winners. (MultiArts Center)
  • Medieval Weapons Demonstration presented by members of Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) - Province of Mooneschadowe (Library courtyard)

11:00 am

  •  Cosplay Costuming: The Do’s and Don’ts of Buying Online/Altering What You’ve Bought: Cosplay enthusiasts/semi-professionals Honor Lychee and Kit Compton will walk you through where and how to buy cosplay items online and how to alter them to make them fit you and your character perfectly. (Library room 119)
  • Pokémon Go for Kids: This is the chance your kids have been waiting for! They’ll get to make their own Pokéball and hunt around the library courtyard for Pokémon they can catch and take home. (Library courtyard)

11:30 am

  • Tips for Creating Comic Characters & Stories: This workshop, led by artist Sushun Dany Dotsun, is to help give you tips and basics to create cohesive characters that come to life. The workshop will also include tips for world building and being able to create a world for your characters to inhabit. (MultiArts Center)

  • Hunger Games Nerf Wars: May the odds be in your favor as you grab a nerf gun and try to outlast your competitors. (Library Courtyard)

12:00 pm

  • Fabricating Cosplay Props: JediOKC member Brian Weeks will share information on how to create the perfect props for your cosplay characters. (Library room 119)

1:00 pm

  • Cosplay Costume Contest: Here’s your chance to shine! Show off your best cosplay creations for a chance to win tickets to Tulsa Con! (Library room 119)

2:00 pm

  • Video Game Live Stream with CohhCarnage: We’ll join CohhCarnage, Twitch streamer known for his incredibly positive community and the slogan “happy, helpful, respectful,” as he demos the latest games. (Library room 202)
2:30 pm
  • Ball Joint Dolls: BJD for Beginners: Ball Jointed Dolls are fully customizable dolls and collectibles. They got their start in Asian countries and have since become popular worldwide. This panel will walk you through their history, where you can find them, telling the difference between fake and real ball joint dolls, and customization. (Library room 119)

  • Step-by-Step Superhero Painting: This guided class will walk participants through all the steps to create their own (Wonder Woman/Batman) masterpiece. (MultiArts Center; $15 supply fee)

3:00 pm

  • Acting for and Producing Independent Films: Red Dirt Film Festival staff will lead this engaging discussion of how to get involved with and master the craft of acting and producing independent films. (Library room 119)
  • Humans Versus Zombies: OSU Urban Gaming club will explain more about this phenomenon that’s been sweeping the nation. Come find out how to become a zombie or how to escape one here in Stillwater. (Library room 202)

3:30 pm
  • Gotta Make a Ball (With InstaMorph): In this hands-on workshop, participants will learn how to use InstaMorph, a moldable plastic, to make their very own Pokéball. Stop by the Multi Arts Center to sign up for this free workshop as space is limited. (Multi Arts Center)

4:00 pm

  • Pokémon Go Tips and Tricks: Pokémon “experts” will be on hand to explain how to catch ’em all! Join local enthusiasts to talk about what works, where to go, and what to do to maximize your Pokémon fun. (Library room 119)

4:30 pm

  • You Picked a Fine Time to Kill Me, Lucille: This panel discussion of The Walking Dead will focus on the season finale, who was killed, and who will make it back alive.  (Library room 202)

  • From Flimsy to Fortified: Making Armor with Foam: Samantha Marie, cosplayer and pop culture educator, will demonstrate techniques for making the cosplay armor you need from various types of foam you can find. (Multi Arts Center)

5:00 pm
  • Pokémon Go: Battle for the Library Gym: Whether you are on team Instinct, Mystic, or Valor, join us in battle in front of the library to see whose flag will fly over the library gym. (Outside Library)
  • Drawing for Door Prizes: We’ll cap off the day by drawing for LexiCon’s big giveaways. Get your name in by putting your ticket in for the drawing of your choice. You get one ticket just for coming but can earn more entry tickets by going to panels and other activities. Stop by the stage in the auditorium to enter. You do not need to be present at the drawing to win. (Library Auditorium)



Note: No functional weapons or weapons made primarily of real weapon parts are allowed at LexiCon or anywhere on library property, including but not limited to, swords, guns, paintball guns, and knives. Clearly non-functional, simulated weaponry is allowed as a part of a costume. Weapons in violation of these rules will be confiscated until the owner leaves the event. Exception: Demonstrators who have been pre-approved to have weapons.

Note: LexiCon is a family event, so please forgo overly gory or risque costumes or costume pieces. The library staff reserves the right to ask attendees with inappropriate costumes to change or leave.