Heart Health

American Heart Association www.heart.org

  • Learn the heart attack warning signs, news, videos, disease statistics, definitions of heart conditions, research, CPR, handouts for seniors, and more.  The Healthy Living page includes information to help kids, families and individuals make choices to live heart healthy lives including nutrition, recipes, stress management, physical activity, etc.  Some information is available in Spanish, Chinese, and Vietnamese.
  • General Information, Videos, Some Hand-outs, Includes links to other sites including My Life Check to help assess your heart score and Heart 360, an online tool to help you understand and track the factors that affect heart health.

American Heart Association www.goredforwomen.org

  • Geared specifically toward women with information about heart disease, facts, knowing your risk, how to live healthy, and more. 

National Institute on Aging https://www.nia.nih.gov/health/publication/heart-health

  • This is a direct link to the “Heart Health” page from the National Institute of Health.  Get information about the ways in which your heart changes with age, and how to prevent and detect early signs of heart disease.  The site includes a rather comprehensive handout “The Age Page” that is also available in Spanish. They also include a list of questions to ask your doctor and links to more information.

National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute http://www.nhlbi.nih.gov/health/resources/heart

  • The “Heart & Vascular Diseases” page from the National Institute of Health. Find information about specific diseases, and access a wide variety of free publications & fact sheets. You can also access the clinical trials page and access their news and resources.
  • See also run The Heart Truth, a program that works to raise awareness about women’s risk for heart disease. This site gives women more specific information about their risks and needs, including downloadable materials and resources (some in Spanish), questions to ask your doctor, BMI calculators, quizzes, menu planners, and more.

Medline Plus Heart Diseases/Cardiac Diseases https://medlineplus.gov/heartdiseases.html

  • The Medline Plus Heart Diseases page gives a  brief summary  with general information and a ton of links to more information including: diagnoses/symptoms, treatment options, prevention, alternative therapy, clinical trials, research, genetics, links to clinical trials, research, journal articles, online tools, videos and tutorials, specific information for men, women, seniors, and children, and patient handouts. A lot of the information is also available in Spanish.

Consumer Reports Healthy Heart Guide http://www.consumerreports.org/cro/health/medical-treatments-conditions/heart-guide/index.htm

  • Consumer Reports Health provides comprehensive advice on heart health including screening tests, a risk calculator, tests needed for diagnoses, lifestyle changes and prevention measures, and treatment options including ratings of surgeons.  Several easy to follow videos are also included.

Mayo Clinic http://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/heart-disease/basics/definition/con-20034056

  • The Mayo Clinic’s Heart Disease page gives general information including symptoms, causes, tests, treatments, lifestyle changes, etc.  They also have many “Heart Healthy Recipes” online.

Resources with Videos

Health Finder Heart Health https://healthfinder.gov/HealthTopics/Category/health-conditions-and-diseases/heart-health

  • Healthfinder.gov’s Heart Health site includes information on staying healthy, visiting your doctor, food shopping lists, and talking to loved ones about heart health and healthy eating.