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Library Policies for Children

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Getting Your Child a Library Card

Getting a library card is an exciting event that we hope your child will treasure!

The library has no minimum age for getting a library card.  Your child must reside or go to school in Payne County to get a free card.  A parent must accompany the child, bring a photo ID, and a document listing the parent's name and address. 

A parent must sign the child's library card and will be responsible for any fines, lost or damaged items on the child's card.

For more information about getting your child a card, visit our Get a Card segment.

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Tips for Parents

  • Accompany your children on trips to the library.
  • Let them explore the shelves, mindful that children and teens are naturally attracted to books and other materials intended for them, not to materials beyond their maturity or reading level.
  • Provide clear guidelines. If you believe certain materials or subjects are inappropriate, express your concerns in a nonjudgmental way. Remember, what is forbidden immediately becomes more attractive.
  • Peruse materials your children select and review all reading lists sent home by teachers.
  • Learn how to evaluate children's books. Check your library for guidelines about what is appropriate and appealing to various ages. Read book reviews and review materials yourself to determine their appropriateness for your children.
  • Talk to your children about what they are reading. This will help you understand their interests and concerns and give you an opportunity to express your opinions.
  • Get to know your public and school librarians. They are experts at selecting materials that correspond to a child's age, interests and abilities.
  • Introduce your children to their librarians and encourage them to seek help from the library staff when assistance is needed.
  • If you have questions or concerns about a book, discuss them with a librarian or teacher. Either may be able to help you understand why the material is being used or provide an alternative for your child.
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Homeschool Materials

The library has many books on how to start homeschooling and curriculum to use Most items are located in 371.04 adult nonfiction section.  While the library does not collect textbooks, parents are welcome to use our non-fiction children's books to supplement curriculum.  Please speak with a librarian for suggestions on appropriate material for specific educational units.

Teacher Card

The library staff will issue borrower's cards to teachers who are employed in Payne County.  Teacher cards may check out up to 30 items with a check out period of 30 days, with no renewals. Further detail can be found in Appendix B of the Circulation Policy.

Book Club Kits

Multiple copies of books are available for check out. Currently limited options. Please let us know if you have a group that is interested in forming a book club.