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Communication with our users is important to us.  We provide information through a variety of methods including releases to the news, a monthly newsletter, updates on social media and blogs.

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The library's social media interactions are based on our Social Media Policy, below in part:

The Stillwater Public Library values civil dialogue. Library patrons are encouraged to communicate, provide feedback and dialogue with the library on all Social Media sites and formats. Comments must be consistent with the content produced by library staff. Approved library staff reserves the right to review all comments and postings and delete material that is inconsistent with the content created by the Library staff.

Library staff may block the person who posted inconsistent comments or postings from posting any further information to the Library’s social networking sites. Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Personal attacks, insults, or threatening language
  • Content intended to harass Library staff or other social media users.
  • Libelous statements
  • Posting plagiarized or copy-righted material without permission or authority.
  • Private, personal information of another person published without consent
  • Comments or hyperlinks not directly related to the discussion
  • Spam or commercial advertisements
  • Content advocating illegal activities
  • Organized political activity other than activity that directly affects the Stillwater Public Library
  • Videos, photos, audio recordings or other images that fall in any of the above categories

Response times for all Instant Messaging and social media questions are contingent upon staff availability and internal library activity level. Stillwater Public Library’s Computer Usage Policy also applies to social media use.

Comments to library created content do not reflect the opinions and position of the Stillwater Public Library, its employees or the City of Stillwater.