Fee-Based Research

Due to staffing and time constraints, the librarians' primary focuses are reader’s advisory, answering ready reference questions, and assisting in locating materials to answer more complex questions.

In general, the following questions fall under the library's fee-based Research Policy:
  • Questions requiring more than fifteen minutes of librarian research in which a patron does not assist
  • Compound questions
  • Questions involving microform research, such as obituary searches.
The librarians will have discretion over which questions fall under this policy.
Fees for research are $20.00 per hour with a $5.00 minimum and includes first class postage.  However, we also send material via email.  Photocopies are .10 per page and microfilmed copies are .15 per page.  Research is performed as quickly as possible to minimize your fees.
Research is performed as time permits and other reference duties take precedence over research.  Intervening duties may delay research completion.
To request research to be performed,  please email the Help Desk with the following information:
  • Subject of your research or question to be answered.  Please give as much detail as possible.
  • Your telephone number
  • A maximum fee at which we should stop researching and contact you with the results

A librarian will contact you with further questions or information.  You may also contact the Help Desk if you have questions at 405-372-3633 x8106.

Read the full fee-based Research Policy.