Discover outdoor adventures at "Finding Your Way" program

(STILLWATER, OKLAHOMA / Jan. 23, 2020) – Stillwater Public Library will present “Finding Your Way,” a program about compasses, GPS, geocaching and more on Saturday, Feb. 1, at 2 p.m. Nathan Diekelman from OSU Outdoor Adventure will teach participants about the tools and skills needed to find their way around the great outdoors.

“Exploration is important because it allows people to discover new places and understand different aspects of the world,” Diekelman said. “But people need to know where they are and where they want to go. Being able to use a map and compass can keep a person going in the right direction, even when there’s no cell phone service to show the way.”

To help people “stay found” during their outdoor explorations, Diekelman will show participants how to navigate using both digital and analog maps, how to use different kinds of compasses and where to find outdoor adventures. He will also introduce geocaching as a fun outdoor activity.

“Geocaching is a great way to spend time with your friends and family exploring your community or new communities that you may be visiting. It involves being outside, getting a little exercise and it is a great way to apply critical thinking skills to navigation and problem solving,” Diekelman said.

Attendees will also get opportunities to try out their newly acquired skills. OSU Outdoor Adventure will provide activity stations where people can practice using a compass, reading a contour map and finding a geocache. Additionally, several geocaches will be stationed outside the library and will remain in place for two weeks. Anyone who finds all of the surrounding caches will win a small prize.

“Finding Your Way” is designed for adults and teens. However, parents can choose to bring along children who are old enough to read, use a compass, and sit comfortably through a presentation.

Individuals can register for “Finding the Way” at or by calling the Help Desk at 405-372-3633, ext 8106.