Cosplay Contest

Costume Guidelines

  • All contestants MUST be present for the cosplay meeting happening at 2:30 pm in the library Auditorium.
  • Costumes must be PG and family friendly (Applies even if you are not in the contest).
  • Costumes can be bought or handmade.
  • Contestants may compete as individuals or groups.
  • Brief stage performances are welcome, but please leave the stage as you found it, ie no confetti, etc.
  • Treat all fellow contestants, judges, and Lexicon staff with respect.
  • The points the judges will be judging on are as follows, for a total of 100 points:
    • Construction (how well your costume is made)
    • Accuracy (how much your costume looks like the original source material)
    • Interview (how well you describe how you made/bought your costume)
    • On stage presentation
  • Decisions made by the judges and Lexicon staff are final.

Weapon guidelines (Applies even if you are not in the contest)

  • Bladed weapons must
    • not be made of metal
    • not have a sharpened edge
    • not have a sharp point
  • No pocket knives will be allowed
  • Projectile firing weapons must be either
    • obviously non-functional (doesn’t shoot anything)  or
    • not harmful (just shoots Nerf) and unloaded
  • No real guns, Airsoft, BB, blow guns, Paintball guns, etc. allowed in!
  • No live ammunition is allowed at LexiCon.
  • Costume destructive devices (grenades, etc) must be
    • obviously not real
    • obviously not functional
  • Nothing explosive is allowed in any of the LexiCon buildings.
  • Archery
    • Bows may have a string OR be accompanied by arrows (but not both)
    • Any arrows must
      • Have any sharp tips removed
      • Be bound together in a quiver

Remember—Library staff and designated weapons checkers have final say. If we are not comfortable with a weapon, if we can’t tell if it is real, or if it might pose a danger, you will not be allowed to bring it into the event.

Prizes for best Cosplay will be awarded to contestants in the following age categories:

  • Children (0-12)
  • Teens (13-17)
  • Adults (18 and over)

Prizes for cosplay winners include:

  • Children - TBD
  • Teens - TBD
  • Adults - TBD