Cosplay Contest

Costume Guidelines

  • All contestants MUST be present for the cosplay meeting happening at 2:30 pm in the library Auditorium.
  • Costumes must be PG and family friendly (Applies even if you are not in the contest).
  • Costumes can be bought or handmade.
  • Contestants may compete as individuals or groups.
  • Brief stage performances are welcome, but please leave the stage as you found it, ie no confetti, etc.
  • Treat all fellow contestants, judges, and Lexicon staff with respect.
  • The points the judges will be judging on are as follows, for a total of 100 points:
    • Construction (how well your costume is made)
    • Accuracy (how much your costume looks like the original source material)
    • Interview (how well you describe how you made/bought your costume)
    • On stage presentation
  • Decisions made by the judges and Lexicon staff are final.

Weapon guidelines (Applies even if you are not in the contest)

  • Bladed weapons must
    • not be made of metal
    • not have a sharpened edge
    • not have a sharp point
  • No pocket knives will be allowed
  • Projectile firing weapons must be either
    • obviously non-functional (doesn’t shoot anything)  or
    • not harmful (just shoots Nerf) and unloaded
  • No real guns, Airsoft, BB, blow guns, Paintball guns, etc. allowed in!
  • No live ammunition is allowed at LexiCon.
  • Costume destructive devices (grenades, etc) must be
    • obviously not real
    • obviously not functional
  • Nothing explosive is allowed in any of the LexiCon buildings.
  • Archery
    • Bows may have a string OR be accompanied by arrows (but not both)
    • Any arrows must
      • Have any sharp tips removed
      • Be bound together in a quiver

Remember—Library staff and designated weapons checkers have final say. If we are not comfortable with a weapon, if we can’t tell if it is real, or if it might pose a danger, you will not be allowed to bring it into the event.

Prizes for best Cosplay will be awarded to contestants in the following age categories:

  • Children (0-12)
  • Teens (13-17)
  • Adults (18 and over)

Prizes for cosplay winners include:

  • Children - TBD
  • Teens - Wizard World ticket package
  • Adults - Wizard World ticket package

Our special guest judging panel this year includes:

Honor Lychee   marlie adams   AllisonBreckon

Honor Lychee

  Marlie Adams    Allison Breckon 
Honor Lychee has been interested in cosplay since she was in sixth grade. When she moved to Oklahoma in 2011 she vowed to do her first cosplay, and premiered it at Tokyo in Tulsa just a year later. She has been co- splaying ever since and has attended numerous conventions around the Midwest.

Wanting to get more involved in the community, she started hosting panels at Tokyo in Tulsa. Since then, her panels have been per- formed at multiple conventions. More recently, Honor Lychee has been featured as a Cosplay judge for several different events. her next being Socon 2016.


Marlie is the other half of Divine Creations Cosplay, and has won 8 awards for her cosplay skills at conventions. Some of the conventions she has placed at are Vision Con 2018 as Best Group, and Best in Show at Pryorcon 2018.

She has hand made 7 costumes, ranging from Disney Princesses to Goddess Athena. She works at Oklahoma State’s costume shop as a master stitcher and as a teacher's assistant for classes held in the shop. Her other hobbies include kayaking, soccer, and video games. She looks forward to growing her cosplay network in the community, and looks forward to judging at Lexicon 2018!

  Allison Breckon, one half of Divine Creations cosplay, has been cosplaying for 4 years, and competitively cosplaying for 3 years. Her costumes range from Star Wars to Anime and comic book characters. She has won several awards, including Best in Show at Soonercon 26 in 2017 and Best Group at Visioncon 2018.

She enjoys sewing and designing, and is pursuing a degree in Apparel Design at Oklahoma State University. She currently works at the OSU costume shop, helping the theatre department create and alter the costumes seen on their main stage performances. She loves meeting new people and hopes to make some new friends at this year’s convention.