Computer Classes

The library offers a schedule of FREE computer classes for the spring and fall semesters.  

The classes cover BASIC topics such as Introduction to Computers, Excel, Word and more.  For Intermediate classes, we recommend contacting Meridian Technology.  Its course information is listed at the bottom of this page.

Library classes are held in our 10 desktop PC lab in Room 119 of the north building.

To register for classes, please call (405) 372.3633 x 8106 or email  Each class meets only once.

*****Students taking any class other than “Introduction to Mousing” must be able to use a mouse.******

Classes for SPRING 2015

  • Introduction to Microsoft Word, Wednesday, April 29, 6-8 p.m.
Students must have an intermediate mousing ability and know how to find and tap keys on the keyboard. Students will learn the basic features of Microsoft Word 2010. Topics will include creating, saving, and retrieving documents; inserting, editing, and deleting text; formatting text; using the spell check function; using cut, copy, and paste functions; inserting headers and footers; and inserting graphics.


One-on-one computer tutoring in a wide array of topics from beginning computing to intermediate skills.



When the library does not have the classes you need, contact our partners at Meridian Technology Center.  Its moderately priced classes are excellent and highly recommended.  MTC offers classes for beginners to advanced users on all computing topics. 

For information about short-term computer classes offered at Meridian Technology Center, view their online catalog below or at  For further information contact their Computer Training Services at 405-377-3333.