Community & Court Appointed Service

The library does provide opportunities for people to perform community service and court ordered service.

Community Service Hours

To perform community service to complete requirements for school, scholarships, work, a club, etc., please come into the library and complete a community service application.  The community service coordinator will call you to set-up a service schedule.

Court Appointed Hours

To perform court appointed hours, please come into the library to fill out a court appointed application to submit with the following items:

  • A copy of your photo ID
  • A copy of the official document showing why you are doing the court appointed hours (ex. speeding ticket or deferred agreement)

The community service coordinator will process your request and contact you, usually within 2 business days, to let you know if you have been accepted into the program.

For more information, see the library's Court Appointed Volunteer Policy.


The work assigned varies from day to day based on library staff needs.  Some of the tasks community and court appointed service volunteers perform include the following:

  • Dusting and cleaning book shelves
  • Dusting and cleaning furniture and bookcases
  • Cleaning magazine & audiobook covers
  • Alphabetizing children's books
  • Data entry

Documentation of Service

Upon one day's notice, a librarian will provide the volunteer with documentation of the hours served.  The volunteer can then submit the document to the authority requiring the service hours.