Collections for Institutions

The Deposit Collections programs serve institutions of the City of Stillwater who have patrons/clients who cannot travel to the library. Examples of institutions that may use SPL Deposit Collections programs are daycare centers and pre-schools, youth shelters, nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

Each institution and SPL will sign a letter of agreement. Should the director of the institution change, a new letter of agreement will be signed.

The Outreach Librarians will select materials for the institution, maintain circulation records, prepare materials for delivery, and deliver and pick-up materials once per month. Materials will be selected on the basis of an institution survey profile, telephone contacts, or on the request sheets attached to the book delivery containers.

Each month SPL will deliver a container(s) with 20 library items to the designated facility. The greatest portion of library materials in each container will be books, but other formats, if desired by the institution, can be included in the deposit collections.

A facility may have up to two (2) deposit collections.

Items will be checked out to institutions for a period of thirty (30) days with no renewals. No fines will be assessed to facilities for overdue items. If an item is not returned to the library in three (3) months, the facility will be assessed the cost of the item. If items are returned to the library damaged, the facility will be assessed the cost of the item. The facility will have thirty (30) days to pay costs incurred to them.

Delivery of library materials to institutions will be performed by the Outreach Librarians or their designee.

For more information about the Deposit Collection programs for daycare centers, pre-schools, and youth shelters, contact the Childrens Librarian at (405) 372-3633 x8116 or by email at Nursing homes and assisted living facilities should contact the Homebound Librarian at (405) 372-3633 x8119 or by email at