Exercise Your Mind: READ!

Readers can spend this summer reading for fun and prizes and attending educational and entertaining health and exercise related programs.

For the adult program, you need to be:

  • 16 years or older
  • Live, work, or go to school in Payne County, OR reside within 30 miles of Stillwater and be be a library visitor.

Track your reading with our online "LITBIT" (called Wandoo) to earn chances for prizes. Your goal is to read at least 15 minutes 4 days a week. If you would LIKE to track ALL of your reading time using this tool, you CAN. BUT for the prize qualifications, you need only make FOUR 15 minute entries during each challenge week. Reading challenges begin June 6.

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Each time you complete a week of reading, you'll get:

  • An entry into our weekly prize drawing 
  • An entry into the end of summer prize drawing


The end of summer grand prizes include:

Osu ath brand   academy

Some of the weekly prizes include:

city of stillwater    paddle  good little eater  green acres   ymca   la ritz

  • A free Kayak rental from Boomer Lake Paddle
  • $30 gift certificate from Green Acres Market
  • $25 gift certificate from Good Little Eater
  • One hour facial from La Ritz Salon and Spa
  • One hour personal training session from YMCA
  • City of Stillwater gym bag stuffed with exercise goodies
  • $25 gift certificate to Panera
  • $30 gift certificate to Hastings
  • 2 tickets to Cimarron Breeze concert series

Complete other challenges, like reading different genres or formats, or trying out different library services, which are listed on your adult summer brochure or on your online LITBIT, Wandoo, to get additional chances in the end of summer drawing,including:


Every Wednesday at 10 am, July 13th – August 17th – DEEP: Diabetes Empowerment Education Program
Each session will take you through activities and training that provide you with the tools to manage your blood sugar. Learn how eating, exercise, stress management and medication management help you prevent or delay the complications that stem from uncontrolled blood sugar. You can learn to live well with diabetes!

Friday, July 22, 1 pm - Feel Better, Live Healthier with Whole Foods (replacing Home Remedies)
Sherry Roden, owner at Peak Performance Athletic Center and Transformation & Lifestyle Coach will discuss how to feel better by eating whole foods. Get motivated with awesome recipes!  


Friday, June 10, 1 pm - Your Amazing Brain
Blake Hopiavuori, Neuroscience Doctoral Candidate at OU Health Sciences Center will explain the fascinating science behind how your brain works and what it is doing while you are reading, exercising, stressing, or just being lazy.

Checkout these books, ebooks, and audios about the brain.

Tuesday, June 14, 7 pm - Laughter Therapy
Taryn Cordell is a certified laughter leader who will have you rolling on the floor in laughter while showing you how to de-stress, funny-style. Parents are welcome to take their children up to the evening performance of the children's reading program, juggler Richard Renner.

Wednesday, June 15, 1:30 pm – Housing Designed for Aging in Place
Retirees can get an early start on healthy aging when expert Louise Schroeder discusses aging in your own home at OSU Emeriti’s monthly program, “Making the Most of Retirement.”

Friday, June 24, 1 pm - Tai Chi
Experienced instructor, Dr. Marty Heitz, will introduce the Zen of Tai Chi, leading you through Tai Chi movements and explaining the history and benefits of this centuries old exercise that is gaining popularity across the nation.

Practice Tai Chi at home with these books, ebooks, and videos.

Tuesday, July 12, 7 pm - Book Club Basics
Librarians and local book club leaders will show you how to start and maintain a vibrant and rewarding book club. Learn about all of the free resources and tools available to book clubs and maybe even join a book club at the event!

Thursday, July 14, 1 pm - Smoothie Soiree
Your resident foodie librarian, Emily States, will show you how to make healthy and tasty smoothies, and then you get to sample!

This program is taking the place of the Concussion program which had to be cancelled due to the speaker's emergency.Make your own smoothie with the help of these books and ebooks.

Wednesday, July 20, 1:30 pm - Iceland, Land of Ice and Fire

Arm-chair travel as Arletta and Jim Webster take retirees on an arm-chair tour of magical Iceland, during OSU Emeriti’s monthly program, “Making the Most of Retirement.”