Teen Programming

OUTDOOR Game Night- 6:00pm, Friday, September 17

Teens are invited to join us on Friday, September 17 at 6pm for the first fall program of the year- Outdoor Game Night!
We'll be playing a variety of no-contact "tag-based" games in the library courtyard including:
Sharks vs. Minnows: A player is selected to be the shark. Everyone else will be minnows. The goal is to get to the opposite side without being tagged by a shark. If tagged, a player becomes a shark also. The last remaining minnow is the winner.
Infection: Similar play experience as Sharks vs. Minnows, but the player tagging others is "infected" and, when tagged, others become infected also. If players are not all infected within a specific time period, everyone becomes "cured," and play continues.
Lighthouse: One player is the "lighthouse" and stands in the middle of the play area. Other players are the "ships" and are in a circle around the lighthouse. The lighthouse player turns in a circle trying to catch the other players moving in their line of sight. When they see a ship moving, the ship caught in the "light" is out of the round. Ships can move around the player but cannot hide behind objects.
The games should last from 6pm to about 7:30pm. Other games may be included as time allows.
Registration is required and players must have a guardian-signed waiver (provided via email to print and bring or filled out at the program before the games begin) to participate: tinyurl.com/SPLTeenGameSept

Teens Haunt SPL - Teen Costume Contest & Family Movie Night (Friday, October 22, 6pm. @ Library Courtyard)

Teens are invited to come show off their best costume or cosplay at 6pm Oct. 22 in the library courtyard. We'll have our costume contest and maybe a quick game followed by a showing of The Addams Family (1991). The costume contest is for teens only but the Teen Advisory Committee has graciously decided to open up the movie to any community members who are interested. Movie should start by 7pm. It will also be in the library courtyard. Please bring blankets or chairs as seating will not be provided. We will have free popcorn, though! Teens should register for the costume contest here: tinyurl.com/TeensHauntSPL

Virtual TAC Meetings- 6:00pm (2nd Tuesday of every month)

TAC meets on the second Tuesday of every month to discuss ideas for teen events and help with young adult collection development. Active members of TAC can also receive credit for volunteer hours, which can be used toward any volunteer requirements they might have for school or other organizations. Teens can learn more about TAC and apply to join here.