Little Free Libraries

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The Library partners with several Little Free Libraries in Stillwater, which we call Stillwater Public Library Book Branches. Little Free Libraries are small structures containing books to borrow. Users are asked to return or give a book so that the libraries remained stocked.

If you have a Little Free Library and are interested in partnering with us, please email We may be able to provide books from time and time and we ask that the Little Free Library use bookmarks showing various Stillwater Public Library Services.

Stillwater Little Free Libraries:

  • Blue Spruce (724 S.Main)

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  • West of the intersection at Orchard and 4th Ave.

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  • Ingham Park

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  • 12 Liberty Circle

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  • 2111 W. Sunset

 LFL Westwood

  • Between 805 and 807 Ridge Drive
 Ridge Library
Ridge Library

LFL Westwood

LFL Westwood

LFL Westwood