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One Book, One Community: Stillwater Reads Fahrenheit 451 is designed to foster a sense of community through a shared reading experience and public programming for all, and to broaden and deepen an understanding of Ray Bradbury’s classic novel.


Events are free and open to all unless otherwise noted.

Feb. 3 (Monday), 6:30 p.m. - "Kick-Off Event"

  • Stillwater Public Library, 1107 South Duck
  • Pick up free copies of "Fahrenheit 451" by signing up for a book discussion
  • Reader's Theatre by Stillwater High School
  • Introduction to "Fahrenheit 451" by Dr. Timothy Murphy, OSU Professor of English, College of Arts & Sciences


Feb. 8 (Saturday), 2-4 p.m. - "Metropolis" screening and discussion

  • Stillwater Public Library, 1107 S. Duck
  • Anime film for teens and general public
  • PG-13, 108 minutes
  • Metropolis is a futuristic city where humans and robots coexist.  Robots are discriminated against and forced to dwell in the city’s lower levels.  Many of the humans living in Metropolis are unemployed and living in poverty.  They blame the robots for taking their jobs.  The film is loosely based on a manga written in 1945 by Osamu Tezuka and draws from a number of legendary sci-fi sources including Fritz Lang’s film of the same name.  

Feb. 11 (Tuesday), 1 p.m. - "Firewise Community"

  • Stillwater Public Library, 1107 S. Duck
  • Presented by Trent Hawkins, Stillwater Fire Dept.
  • An Osher Lifelong Learning Institute Town Hall Event
  • Open to the public (First come, first served)
  • The Firewise Communities/USA Recognition Program is a process that empowers neighbors to work together in reducing their wildfire risk.  Firewise communities are taking action and ownership in preparing and protecting their homes against the threat of wildfire. Using a five-step process, communities develop an action plan that guides their residential risk reduction activities, while engaging and encouraging their neighbors to become active participants in building a safer place to live. Neighborhoods throughout the United States are embracing the benefits of becoming a recognized Firewise Community. Wildfires happen. It’s not a matter of if, but when. Are you prepared? Join us in our mission.

Feb. 11 (Tuesday), 6:30 p.m. - "Hot! Fire Research at OSU, a Science Cafe"

  • OSU Edmon Low Library, Peggy V. Helmerich Browsing Room
  • “Fire Safety and Technology” presented by Dr. Michael Larranaga, Dept. Head, Fire Protection & Safety Technology (College of Engineering, Architecture, & Technology)
  • “Fire and Apparel” presented by Dr. Adriana Petrova, Assistant Professor, Apparel Design (College of Human Sciences)
  • “Fire Effects on the Prairie” presented by Dr. Dwayne Elmore, Department of Natural Resource Ecology & Management & Wildlife Extension Specialist (Division of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources)

Feb. 18 (Tuesday), 7 p.m. - "Popular Intolerance and Political Cowardice: Stepping Stones to a 'Fahrenheit 451' Future"


  • Stillwater Public Library, 1107 S. Ducksenat
  • Presented by Dr. Joey Senat.  Dr. Senat is an associate journalism professor at Oklahoma State University’s School of Media and Strategic Communications, College of Arts & Sciences.  He is the author of Mass Communication Law in Oklahoma and has written a number of articles and papers regarding First Amendment and freedom of information issues. He received the 2007 Marian Opala First Amendment Award and the 2005 Oklahoma Society of Professional Journalists’ Award for Distinguished Service to the First Amendment. He has been a featured speaker numerous times for our state’s annual First Amendment Congress.
  • The presentation discusses censorship that occurs today for these reasons (popular intolerance and political cowardice), as well as the meaning of the First Amendment and the public's ignorance of those First Amendment rights.

Feb. 24 (Monday), 3:30 p.m. - "Censorship and Book Banning in Schools"

  • OSU Willard Hall, Room 010
  • Discussion by librarians and teachers with first-hand experience, including panelists from the School of Teaching & Curriculum Leadership (College of Education), Dr. Sue Parsons, Associate Professor, and Dr. Jenn Sanders, Assistant Professor

Feb. 27 (Thursday), 6:30 p.m. - "Who's Watching You?: Maintaining Privacy in a Terrorist's World"

  • Stillwater Public Library, 1107 S. Duck
  • A World Cafe style forum by Stillwater Speaks
  • Limited to 24 participants.  Register by emailing or calling 405-372-3633 x8106
  • Join community members to discuss your view on privacy rights, whether there are justified reasons to give up those rights and how post 9-11 events have changed the way you view your privacy.
  • Coffee house style refreshments will be served.

Mar. 7 (Friday), 1:30 p.m. - "Physical Theatre Masterclass"

  • Student Union Theater
  • Teens and adults invited
  • Limited enrollment.  To register, email Brandon Mitts (, Manager, OSU Allied Arts
  • This 90-minute masterclass is designed to allow participants to experience the requirements and disciplines of working and performing in a physical theatre company.  It focuses on forming an ensemble style of acting that will interpret and serve the text as a whole.  By sharing some of the Aquila Theatre Company’s rituals, in the form of movement and vocal exercises, the participant will explore the imaginative and physical resources that the company uses in order to create its own unique theatrical style.

Mar. 7 (Friday), 7 p.m. - "Inside Story"

  • OSU Seretean Center, Room 123
  • Free pre-lecture presented by a member of the Aquila Theatre touring company.
  • Limited seating.  Please arrive early.

Mar. 7 (Friday), 8 p.m. - Aquila Theatre presents "Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451"


  • OSU Seretean Center Concert Hall
  • Tickets: $8 OSU Students; $15 adults.  Visit the Box Office for more information and other special pricing opportunities.
  • With its skill at creating innovative and modern productions of great works of literature, the Aquila Theatre will bring new life to Ray Bradbury's visionary parable of a society gone awry. The New Yorker describes Aquila's productions as "The classics made relevant with superb acting and clever staging" while The New York Times exclaims "The excellent Aquila Theatre, an extraordinarily inventive and disciplined outfit."

Mar. 13 (Thursday), 6:30 p.m. - "Fahrenheit 451" screening and discussion

  • Stillwater Public Library, 1107 S. Duck
  • Unrated, 112 minutes
  • Screening and discussion of Francois Truffaut’s 1966 film starring Julie Christie and Oskar Werner.
  • Film introduction and commentary by Tim Prchal, OSU Visiting Professor of English, College of Arts & Science

Mar. 16 (Sunday), 1:30 p.m. - Hunger Games screening and discussion

  • Stillwater Public Library, 1107 S. Duck
  • PG-13, 142 minutes
  • Screening of the 2012 movie based on the book by Suzanne Collins, followed by a discussion of dystopian films and books by Tim Prchal, OSU Visiting Professor of English, College of Arts & Science

BOOK DISCUSSION SESSIONS                                                                   

Sign up for one of the following book discussions to receive a FREE copy of Fahrenheit 451.

Date Time Place Leader Notes




OSU Edmon Low Library,

Room 102M

Dr. Helen Clements Bring lunch & drink; dessert provided



6:30 p.m. Stillwater Public Library Sewing Circle Excerpts from the book will be read as participants do handiwork




OSU Edmon Low Library,

Room 102M

Nicole Sump-Crethar Bring lunch & drink; dessert provided



7-8 p.m. Stillwater Public Library Barbara Miller  



1 p.m. OSU Edmon Low Library, Room 102M Barbara Miller Bring lunch & drink; dessert provided




Senior Center,

1015 E. 12th

Pat Jaynes  




Sheerar Museum,

702 S. Duncan

Gladeen Allred  



2:30-3:30 p.m. Stillwater Public Library Lynda Reynolds  



Noon-1 p.m.

Sheerar Museum,

702 S. Duncan

Pat Jaynes  



6 p.m.


205 E. Hall of Fame

Nicole Sump-Crethar Dinner on your own




OSU Edmon Low Library,

Room 102M

Dr. David Oberhelman Bring lunch & drink; dessert provided


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